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Georgetown, Texas

Austin, Texas


Interior Gardens Austin was founded in 1988 by Robbin Voight in the Georgetown suburb of Austin, TX with a mission to help improve the indoor environments of commercial buildings in and around Austin. Over a period of 30 years the company grew into a leading plant interiorscaper, passionately advancing the view that maintaining live plants in the workplace helps improve productivity by reducing airborne toxins and providing a healthy, low stress, green backdrop for everyday activity.

Interior Gardens Austin has won numerous awards for its projects and continues to be a leader in pushing the envelope of design and maintenance of living indoor plant features in the workplace.

Robbin retired from daily operations of IGAustin in 2018. The new CEO Zahra Durrani and the seasoned IGAustin team are now leading the company into a new era of growth as a thriving interior plantscape business.


interior gardens austin

Zahra Durrani

Interior Gardens Austin

Stefanie Frizzell
Plant Care Lead

Robbin Voight
Interiorscaping Consultant

Tanya LoMastro
Floral Design/Plant Care Specialist

Kayla Quach
Floral Design/Plant Care Specialist